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Insulation is required when laying battery powered rail cart track


Insulation is required when laying battery powered rail cart track 

The conductive slider is an important part of the entire battery powered rail cart track. Its main function is to take power. We can also name it a power take-off. The device is in contact with the track. After power up, power is transferred to the motor.
High speed: The high design speed of the track transfer car is generally 20-40km / h higher than the current speed of the ordinary track transfer car.
Low noise: In the past, ordinary spring wheels were used, and the suspension springs of the suspension between the body and the bogie used leaf springs. The vibration damping performance is not good, and the wheels and tracks are noisy. Track transfer cars generally use elastic wheels. The air spring is suspended, the vibration damping performance is good, and the noise is small.
High comfort: The track transfer car has good vibration damping performance, low noise and high comfort.
AC traction adopts AC drive: Because AC asynchronous motor has the advantages of small size, light weight, convenient maintenance and less failure, the miniaturization of the filter element is beneficial to installation on urban rail vehicles, and the overall layout is relatively compact.
When laying the track first, the track must be insulated, the asphalt should be applied to the bottom of the track, and then a 5 mm insulating rubber plate is placed. Fill the rails with tar sand on both sides. Also note that the resistance between the two rails of the rail must not be less than 10. For the same track, it is recommended to solder the rails to the rails to ensure good contact.
The voltage on the track of the track car should not be greater than 42V, and the voltage at the end of the line should not be less than 30V. If not, the compensation line should be added. In addition, since it is a rail power supply, there should be no metal objects between the guide rails contacting the two rails at the same time to prevent short circuits.
A single step-down transformer is connected to the rail. The travel distance of a track transfer car usually takes 70 meters. If the running distance is long, increase the number of transformers. In the case of multi-point power supplies, the power transformers should be connected to the same power phase, and the number of transformers is usually no more than three.   

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