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How to solve remote controller of battery powered trolley can’t work?


How to solve remote controller of battery powered trolley can’t work?

Remote controller is the important operation way for the battery powered trolley or Transfer Trolley With Hydraulic Lifting Table on oversea market. But there is one time, the client reflected their remote controller can’t work. We analysis the reason the fault and find the reason that voltage is too high. After the battery is charged, it’s voltage can arrive 50v. Because the remote controller’s of railroad wagon working voltage is 48v. At this time, high voltage damaged the electrical element, so the remote controller can’t work. 
At present, we had improved the remote controller and adjust the working voltage range 30-60v. We adopt special device to make the voltage step-down. So it isn’t influenced the remote controller. About the remote controller of cable power of railroad wagon, it isn’t influenced by the problem. For our exported railroad wagon, we always the improve our technology and configuration to ensure the best qualilty.

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