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How to prevent welding deformation of heavy duty rail transfer cart frame


How to prevent welding deformation of heavy duty rail transfer cart frame

Heavy duty rail transfer cart frame, belonging to metal arc welding parts, although the welding deformation is difficult to avoid, but can be controlled, a good welding process can control the welding deformation to a minimum.
In order to better control the welding deformation of the heavy duty rail transfer cart frame, I suggested that in welding, the following aspects should be noted:
1.For different sheet thicknesses and weld sizes, reasonable welding rods and welding currents should be selected. This problem is familiar to general welders.
2. For longer continuous welds, it is not possible to sew one end at a time. It should be spot welded and butt welded again, that is, after welding for a period of time, stop and weld another place, after cooling, and then weld.
3. For large-area welds, it is absolutely impossible to weld a row of welds, followed by welds adjacent to the welds that have just been welded, still spot welding, positioning and fixing, and then diagonal welding.
4. In the case of both flat welds and vertical welds, general spot welding is used for positioning and fixing, then welding vertical joints, and finally flat seams (when welding, according to the actual situation of the site, only one purpose is to reduce Welding deformation).
In the actual welding process, you should ponder more and think more. The method is not fixed and flexible, and the welding deformation will be controlled to a minimum.

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