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Motorized flat trolley for Construction


Motorized flat trolley for Construction

motorized flat trolley has the advantages of simple structure, convenient use, easy maintenance, large carrying capacity and little pollution. The utility model is widely used in the production workshop of machinery manufacturing and metallurgy enterprises, and the electric flatcar is a kind of transport vehicle in an electric rail factory. Used to transport heavy objects across the floor. Here's the structure of the motorized flat trolley:
The balance frame of the wheel group of motorized flat trolley is connected with the body of the vehicle by a pin shaft, which mainly includes the balance frame of the wheel, shaft and bearing(including bearing). The balance frame acts as the connecting body between the wheel pair and the frame. To simplify the structure. The ball is not hinged. Considering the requirement of equipment performance and economy, combined with our actual equipment manufacturing level, the concrete plan is: double-row spherical roller bearing, to automatically compensate the deformation deviation of frame. The angle bearing is adopted to facilitate adjustment of the electric flatbed equipment. At the same time, to improve the machining precision of the relevant parts, we can improve the manufacturing precision of the whole vehicle, prevent the wheel running bias, the wheel edge and the orbit contact to aggravate the wheel edge wear and increase friction resistance.
The power transmission system drives the YZR motor and adopts the EM type semi-hydraulic coupling cable reel for power supply. The tension is constant, the synchronicity is good, can ensure the cable force is uniform, does not pull broken. After the belt decelerates by the reducer two-stage deceleration, the reducer out shaft is the wheel drive shaft, its two ends are equipped with the wheel. The reducer and the motorized flat trolley body are not rigid fastening, but are suspended by the boom on the frame, which is equipped with spring balance device, which is used to alleviate the impact caused by uneven line. This arrangement can simplify the structure of the equipment, reduce the manufacturing and assembly requirements, and help reduce the impact on the reducer during the operation of the motorized flat trolley, improve the stability and safety of the transmission system

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