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What are the standards of conductor rail powered transport motor selection?


What are the standards of conductor rail powered transport motor selection?  

The conductor rail powered transport is automatically driven by the motor reducer. Again, it is a flatbed truck. The countertop is flat without a cover. In special cases, it can also be non-planar but without a cover. The conductor rail powered transport body has no steering wheel only in the forward and backward direction (even turning can turn on the track). 
The vehicle has the characteristics of simple structure, convenient use, large carrying capacity, no fear of being dirty, easy to maintain, long service life, etc. Because of its advantages of convenience, sturdiness, economy, practicality, easy cleaning, etc., the conductor rail powered transport has become an internal plant and a factory building. The preferred means of transporting heavy loads with short distances from the plant.
Motor is an important part of many electric power equipment, conductor rail powered transport motor requirements are even more strict, because the equipment is used in a wide range of work, variable content, frequent use, so, do not meet a certain standard of motor is not competent.
Advantages as follows:
First, the three-phase motor starting current is small.
Second, the three-phase motor itself has a brake.
Third, the DC motor brake is an electromagnetic brake.
Fourth, three-phase motor has a long service life.

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