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California Steel LLC Visited the PERFECT BXC heavy duty platform trolley.


customer visit for heavy duty platform trolley

Visited the PERFECT BXC heavy duty platform trolley. 
On August 24, 2019, changzhou large scale weighing equipment co., LTD to produce BXC heavy duty platform trolley for the leading product of henan PERFECT handling equipment co., LTD., to visit of BJT cable volume line flat wagon, thermal column by company leaders and all employees welcome.
Company requirements, customized production.
Bxc-5t (safe load factor 150%);
4000 * 1500 * 1500;
Battery power supply;
Handle + remote control;
The car through the manufacturer of quality inspection staff , confirmed that its various functions have reached the requirements of the customer standards, and the user Unit quality inspection personnel on-site inspection, a variety of accessories with the car is also point of inspection, has been sent to the user units.
BXC series battery power supply transport vehicles, which are composed of battery installed in car body interior, power through the electrical control system, provides power for dc traction motor, the smooth transit vehicle start, stop, forward, backward, speed, etc.
BXC battery is characterized by unrestricted operating distance and low requirements for track laying, suitable for various transportation occasions.
The customer in the office of the company and the company leaders and technical personnel, for the BJT cable reel flat car for the friendly chat and technical exchanges, and business negotiations.
Customers in the company of the company leadership and technical personnel, to visit the production workshop, production technology, production process, the eight series products and procedures demonstration, gave a high evaluation to the company's each work, (and the company 
signed a BJT cable reel flat car sales contract) decided to BJT cable volume line flat wagon for production main products of the company to establish long-term cooperative relationship.

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