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Turning electric flat car—track turning transfer car




There are generally two types of turning electric rail flat cars. One kind of running track is straight-turning-straight; the other kind of running track is circular or semi-circular, also called "circular electric rail car". For the first model, the minimum turning radius is different for the specific model size. Users need to provide us with the size of the area where the electric flat car is running according to their own actual situation, and we will calculate the minimum turning radius of the electric flat car required. For the second type of vehicle, the minimum trajectory radius of the ring car, the load capacity of the car, the size of the car table, the minimum allowable height of the car, etc. should also be provided. So that we can design a suitable circular track flat car for your company.

The electric platform transfer cart produced by Parfit are all customized according to the load and size required by customers, so the prices are also different. It is necessary for Parfit technicians to calculate the price of the electric platform transfer cart required by the customer. For details, please contact customer service through this website.


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