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150 tons high temperature resistant steel billet flatbed rail car



The BWP type trackless flat transfer cart can realize flexible turning under a small turning radius, which is a unique product of PERFTE. The trackless turning vehicles are powered by batteries. In order to achieve turning, the turning car is equipped with a special steering setting, and the turning radius can be customized as required.

The trackless flatbed transfer cart is driven by two motors, and it runs flexibly. The trackless flat car is not limited by the track and can be driven on any ground to achieve 360 degree operation. PERFTEs flatbed truck is not designed with complex steering and control devices, but uses drive components, so the cost is greatly reduced.

The company is committed to the development of handling equipment. Since the establishment of the company, it has focused on the research and development of electric flat transfer cart. We can develop and manufacture automated pallet trucks ranging from tens of kilograms to hundreds of thousands of tons, and have won praise in the industry and affirmation of consumers!

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