Heavy-duty railcars can not only work inside the factory, but also transport goods in a short distance between the factory and the factory. During the use of the electric flat car, because of the friction between the wheels and the track, the motor will make some noises when it is working. These noises will be very small under normal flat cars. But sometimes the sound of the electric flat car is very loud, which shows that a certain part of the electric flat car has a problem. We need to find the problem and solve it, so what is the reason for the loud noise of the electric flat car? How to solve it? First of all, check the external factors to see if there are foreign objects on the track. Yes, the electric flat car causes a lot of noise during the driving process. The track and track groove must be cleaned in time. Secondly, look at the reasons for the track electric flat car itself. In this regard, we mainly check the following aspects 1. Reason for the reducer: first close the machine and check if there is lubricating oil at the internal contact points. If the oil is lacking or black, it needs to be replaced or refueled. If this condition is maintained for a long time, excessive wear or damage to the gear and tooth surface will occur. 2. The reason for the electric control box: the noise is usually dominated by the current sound. The electric flat car usually thinks that the current joint has shortcomings, and perhaps some contacts are aging, and it is necessary to reinforce the contact or replace it to eliminate the noise. 3. Electric gear failure: immediately stop the machine, check whether the gear of the electric flat car is running normally, whether the outer surface of the gear is damaged, whether the central axis is deviated from the position, etc., which will cause the gear to make abnormal noises and noises caused by different failures Different, when the gear is running abnormally, the noise of the whole gear is dull; when the tooth surface is damaged, the noise is relatively crisp; and when the central axis deviates from the position, the noise of the European electric flatbed is obviously intermittent, and sometimes accompanied by harsh sounds. When the fault is not resolved, the use of electric flat cars is prohibited. The structure of the electric flat car is relatively simple, and it is also very convenient to use, which can be learned by inexperienced people. The rail electric flat car is a flat car with a large carrying capacity and a long service life. It is easy to maintain. This is very important for enterprises. Therefore, many companies choose electric flat cars as their own transportation tools.