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Test run content of heavy rail car



Heavy-duty rail car power system: high-quality lead-acid batteries, the lifespan of lead-acid batteries is nearly twice as common. Increase product life for high-capacity battery. Tracking electric flat car body painting: the body color of the electric track flat car, the user can choose.

Preparation before test run

  Turn off the power supply of the equipment and check the connecting parts of each transmission mechanism to see if the connection is firm and whether the structure is deformed. Check whether there are obstacles on the track, and remove them in time. The electrical system should be inspected to see if there are any problems with the components, whether the circuit connection is normal, whether the switching action is flexible and reliable, etc.

   No load test run is to test the car under no load to check its flexibility and other aspects, whether it meets the design requirements, and whether everything is normal.

   static load test

  The load gradually increases from small to large, and observe whether there are any abnormalities.

   dynamic load test

   It is a test run under the rated dynamic load for more than 1 hour, and observe whether there are any abnormalities.

The types of rail cars generally mainly include ordinary electric flat cars, battery electric flat cars, heavy-duty electric flat cars, push-pull electric flat cars and horizontal electric flat cars, so there are many types of them. The track flat car has a climbing ability. The track flat car has no restrictions on working time and running distance. Not suitable for rainy days. Rail flat cars are light and easy to run. For short-distance and frequent cargo handling, rail electric flat cars are the first choice. Compared with other series of electric flat cars, rail flat cars have the advantages of simple structure, convenient operation, large bearing capacity and easy maintenance.

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