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AGV anti-collision and obstacle avoidance introduction


AGV heavy duty handling equipment anti-collision and obstacle avoidance design can be divided into contact design to play the role of AGV heavy duty handling equipment anti-collision protection. Ordinary contact sensors (such as piezoelectric sensors, mechanical switches, etc.) are installed at the bottom of the vehicle body to detect the dead corners detected by peripheral non-contact sensors (infrared, ultrasonic, laser, etc.) for buffer protection; The second is non-contact design. In order to avoid obstacles, commonly used non-contact sensors are installed in the front and rear of the vehicle body, which can avoid obstacles when the vehicle moves forward or backward.
agv heavy duty handling equipment

Mechanical switch or piezoelectric sensor contact sensor is usually used for anti-collision, with complex structure, inconvenient installation, high price and difficult to popularize. Compared with PVDF material extrusion sensor, PVDF material pressure-sensitive cable is selected as anti-collision sensor. (1) Pressure sensitive cable has high sensitivity and can sense at any position. Avoid blind spots. (2) The pressure-sensitive cable acts as a passive detector to effectively avoid electromagnetic interference. The cable is fixed around the AGV heavy duty handling equipmentchassis and the buffer material is wrapped around it (see Figure 6). By detecting and judging the car collision, the collision information is collected and the feedback signal is transmitted back to the controller after being amplified by the charge amplification circuit.
Ultrasonic testing and infrared testing are usually used to avoid obstacles. Infrared detection is usually more accurate, sensitive and cheaper than ultrasonic detection. In this design, e18-d80nk infrared reflection photoelectric switch is adopted, and the detection distance is 30mm ~ 800mm. The digital switch output is directly installed in the front and rear of the parking space (see Figure 6) to detect the front and rear travel path of the vehicle. Whether there are obstacles.

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