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How to choose the right trackless transfer vehicle


 How to choose the right trackless transfer vehicle

Customers who buy trackless electric flat cars do not know how to choose the right car for them, and do not know how to describe them when consulting, thus delaying their construction period and preventing their work from being completed faster. Today, the manufacturer will tell you some small details, Hope it will be helpful for the upcoming buyers.
  First of all, we need to look at the service of the manufacturer and whether the later maintenance introduction is detailed. How to determine the size of the countertop can be based on the goods you transport. If an item is large, you can directly measure the goods to determine the length and width. If the goods are small, a small one The size of the car and how many tons to be transported in one trip, as well as the range of the site for transportation, how long is the maintenance time for the main components such as the motor, reducer, battery, etc. The frame is based on the size of the tonnage to choose the appropriate steel plate, we can see the steel plate quality, and how are their welds.
You can refer to the parameters above. The specific and detailed requirements need to be communicated with the manufacturer in detail. We produce electric flat cars and rail flat cars and other large-tonnage transportation equipment vehicles, from product selection, contract signing, warehouse delivery to product after-sales. , and how to maintain it, provides you with a detailed explanation.

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