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The use of electric flat car process is also some problems,


   The use of electric flat car process is also some problems, today's electric flat car manufacturers to introduce the use of electric flatbed car process there are several problems.

  1、view process: dismantling hard mark, the body in many areas deformation, pallets plan ruined, lifting and loading and unloading cargo is too large, directly below the foot bolt of the fixed immobile indoor space is too much, the total number of too much, and a part of the card marks more not optimistic. Difficult to dismantle the outer gear ring of the drag pan bearing. The electric welder had to start arc welding to cut it open. After cutting, the immobilised ring will lose its initial position and fall back to its original location.

  2、Show more unpromising load obstruction marks

  Blocking standard is: electric flatbed truck towing plate bearing bearing sealing efficacy is poor, residue into the internal, forming general accuracy is low, bearing inner and outer ring curvature. Other, the working temperature is too high, bearing internal wetting vegetable grease useful, wetting grease is not convenient, and often form polishing situation, which enhances the bearing internal damage. In order to get rid of this obstruction, disassembly and correction were carried out, and the application function did not continue to rise after assembly. The said hindrance aggravates and the perverse ringing follows the misinterpretation.
rail transfer carriage
  3、 straight torque reducer total course dismantling trouble, punching damage is not optimistic, overload output power is low, agree load accept load natural environment. Mark when the gear parts show common failures, such as gear shaft pointing, small defects will form the gear middle of the tooth fit is not stable, not easy to constantly shock, accelerate damage, and gear useful, but we choose Korak speed gear and shaft one reasonable layout, and thus really can eliminate this mark; but in the reducer's thermal history (i.e. high fever and heat pipe cooling history), tooth fit loss, bearing loss, oil loss, seal loss, fan loss, etc., a lot of heat generation will occur, making the reducer function strongly. This can lead to a reduction in temperature and generally to the effect of limiting the management system, which can cause considerable damage to the gearbox management system, resulting in a lower full output.

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