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The electric flat car uses an intelligent charger to charge the battery.


 The electric flat car uses an intelligent charger to charge the battery. When charging, the charger can do intelligent control of the battery current and charging time (to achieve 3 stages of charging, i.e. constant current a constant voltage a constant current automatic conversion), to avoid the battery charging and discharging in the case of high current, as well as the deformation of the battery pole plate, sulphurization, active substance off and other faults, extending the battery's use time.

  After a preliminary understanding of the battery performance (manufacturer's test), its service life is estimated as follows.
  (1) When the battery is charged again after 100% deep discharge, it can be recycled 100~200 times.
  (2) When the battery is 70 deep discharged and then recharged, it can be cycled 300~600 times.
steel and coil transfer trolley
  (3) When the battery 50% deep discharge and then recharge, with 500 ~ 1000 times.
  (4) When the battery 30 deep discharge and then recharge, with 1000 ~ 2000 times.
The governor electrical principle can be cycled to make the pool electric flat car design provides a reference for the development of the electric flat car type to add a new content.  It can be seen that do not wait until the electric flat car battery is completely dead before charging. General battery use as long as the above (3) or (4) kind of situation, the battery can cycle charge and discharge more than 1000 times, its service life can be in more than 3 years.

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